The innovative way to obtain a long lasting and passive income, through the use of the most popular Token on the binance smart chain. Invest your CAKE and earn daily rewards.

Our Core Features.

Our Core Features showcase the Long Term perspective at Cake Funds. 

Investment Pool

Our new Investment Pool operates for a minimum of 365 Days.

Long Term Return Rate

Gain 1% Daily rewards on all investments, excluding referral bonuses.

Investment Breakdown

Understand each and every aspect of your investment before investing.

Total Income

Earn 1% daily, up to a maximum of 365% in Total (Excluding Basic Interest Rate and Referral Bonuses). 

Referral Bonus

Increase your rewards through your personal referral link, starting from 5% at Level 1.

Claiming Rewards

You can claim your CAKE rewards every 24 hours. There is no minimum amount required in order to claim.

Pool Day Reduction

The Investment Pool begins at 365 days, which decreases by 0.2 Days everyday.

Daily Return Rate

The daily return rate begins at 1% and increases by 0.001% everyday.

Compounding Rewards

You can choose to automatically compound your daily rewards every 24 hours.

Our guide to Cake Funds.


Investment Pool

Start your journey by heading to the Investment Pool below! Enter any amount of CAKE to preview your rewards before investing. 


Invest your CAKE

Enter the amount of CAKE you wish to invest into the Investment Pool. Once you are ready, click the "Invest CAKE" button to start earning your rewards


View your Rewards

Straight after investing your Cake, you can go to the "My Dashboard" section. From here, you can see your rewards being calculated in real-time.  


Claim your rewards

You can claim your CAKE rewards at any time, no matter how small the amount. Simply click the "Claim CAKE" button to instantly receive your rewards. 

Contract Statistics.

View our Contract Statistics, as well as the Address.

Total Invested
Cake Claimed
Total Balance

Your Breakdown

Type your CAKE into the 'Enter CAKE' box to see your breakdown.

The total return you will be rewarded for your Investment, displayed as a percentage.

Investment Pool

Enter the amount of CAKE you wish to Invest below. Use the breakdown to preview your Investment . Once you are ready, use the Invest CAKE button to confirm your Investment.

A minimum of 1 CAKE is required.
Invest CAKE

After entering your CAKE, please wait a few seconds for the figures to calculate.

My Dashboard

View your Investments, Rewards and Referral information.


Total Invested


Total CAKE Claimed


Available CAKE Rewards


Total Referral Earned


Total Referral Withdrawn


Total Referrals

Your referral link

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From the creators of, we are presenting this platform to bring a whole new meaning to the term 'ROI Dapps'

Let's agree, we've had enough of the same 'bnbstake' clones that only last a week, if that. Not to mention the investors who do not make their initial investment back. We are here to put a stop to this and provide the User with a new experience; one with Trust, Reliability and Transparency.

As we all saw, grew to be a very strong platform with purely organic growth. However, even with our updated plans and revised return rates, we can agree it lasted long, but not long enough.

We have analysed how the MoonStake contract performed and we are proud to present CakeFunds to you. A long term investment platform with similar functionality, but with a greater timescale, realistic rewards and full transparency from our team.

Invest with CakeFunds to build a long lasting and passive income.



See how your Investment is distributed throughout the platform. Our team earns a small fraction in order to market, support the developers and maintain the project.









When using the Compound button, only a 5% fee is applied, compared to the 10% when investing.